The SHACK League organizing officials show off the trophy


The SHACK League is an embodiment of St. Henry's values - integrity, excellence, and community.

  • Event: SHACK League 2023
  • Date: Sunday, 20th August
  • Venue: City High School Grounds – Kololo, Kampala
  • Theme: “Old Friends, New Memories”

The SHACK (St Henry’s College Kitovu) Alumni football league kicks off on Sunday, 20th August 2023 at the City High School grounds in Kololo, Kampala city.

This was officially announced during the launch at Café Platinum – Christ the King Church, Kampala on 17th August 2023.

The league stems from the illustrious legacy of St. Henry’s College Kitovu which finds a vibrant new chapter with the advent of the SHACK League, an extraordinary platform that unites Old Boys through the magic of sports, nostalgia, and camaraderie.

Some of the SHACK League team representatives

Beyond a conventional league, the SHACK League is an homage to the indomitable spirit of St. Henry’s College Kitovu.

According to Tonny Muliika, the president of the SHACK League, the primary mission is to reunite alumni in a riveting blend of friendly competition, reminiscent tales, and the shared values that define the St. Henry’s experience and beyond.

“Through the SHACK League, we honor the tradition of the school while creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.” Muliika remarks.

SHACK League officials address the media at Café Platinum – Christ the King Church, Kampala on 17th August 2023.
SHACK League organizing team poses for a group photo

The thematic for the inaugural season is under the slogan: “Old Friends, New Memories”

A staggering 22 teams of Old Boys are geared up for the much-anticipated inaugural tournament of the SHACK League.

Some of these teams include among others; Ntuli Kings, Mbirisho (1992-1998), Apetta Kings (1993 – 1995), Kaffet Talians (2005 – 2010), Mbaawo (2011-2016), Olympians (2014-2019), Green Cave, Centennials, Ma Peace, Basaja Bakame, Ababeembe, Haduuce Warriors, Kasswa Titans,

“With fierce competition and thrilling matches on the horizon, it promises to be an unforgettable showcase of talent, unity, and sportsmanship.” notes Brian Jjuuko, the head of publicity for the SHACK League.

SHACK League organizing team

The inception of the SHACK League germinated from the Old Boys’ spirited one-day galas.

It was within these celebratory gatherings that the seed of the league was sown.

The resounding success of these galas paved the way for a larger, more immersive endeavor – the SHACK League.

The SHACK League Trophy

Celebrating Heritage Through Competition:

The SHACK league isn’t just about sports; it’s about reliving memories and forging connections.

As Old Boys tread the hallowed grounds of St. Henry’s once again, the echoes of laughter and triumph resonate with the rich heritage the school stands for.

Therefore, The SHACK League is an embodiment of St. Henry’s values – integrity, excellence, and community.

Some of the SHACK Old students
Media personnel during the launch of the SHACK League

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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