The re-greening exercise on the Entebbe Police Play ground

Re-greening of sports facilities in Uganda has been prominent during the lock-down period at a time the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has plugged the entire world.

Across the country, a number of sports facilities have been upgraded and improved during this telling period with re-greening the major task undertaken.

The Entebbe Police ground that lies adjacent the main Police headquarters in Entebbe Municipality, Division A is the latest playing facility to join the swelling list of facilities that are benefiting from this lockdown.

Youth from Lunyo East and Central, Lugonjo, Katabi, Entebbe Town and Virus areas have joined hands to regreen Entebbe Police play ground

Youth from Lunyo Central, Entebbe Town, Lunyo East, Virus area, Lugonjo and Katabi have boldly undertaken the initiative of re-greening the Entebbe Police ground.

Innocent Kerline Hasashya, one of the leaders in the re-greening drive calls upon other youth, the Police and the Municipality authorities to join hands as they continue to re-green the facility.

Entebbe Police playground re-greening

“We are re-greening the Entebbe Police play ground as a result of a joint effort from all the willing youth. We call upon more support from the Police and Entebbe Municipality leaders to help especially with the fencing to avoid by-passers (individuals and cars) who have always created footpaths” Hasashya disclosed to Kawowo Sports.

For a long time, this facility has been neglected as it has remained barren with a stony surface.

The little grass that remained on this play ground is sweet fodder for the grazing animals (goats, cattle and sheep) owned by members of the community.

Part of the regreened Entebbe Police play ground

At times, this playground has been used by driving schools to teach up-coming drivers, it is a community ground for the Lunyo society and used by Police for the routine parades.

In Entebbe Municipality, the re-grounding drives started with Entebbe Works Playground, Bugonga Fisheries Institute play-ground, Kiwafu, Katabi – Busambaga and lately Nakiwogo-Banga play ground.

The grass planted at the Entebbe Works Play ground

The Tanda Community play ground has been also graded although the re-greening exercise has been halted following serious land woes.

In Katabi sub-county, the Nkumba University play-ground was also re-greened by former students led by Robert “Kaka” Kakanga.

Other facilities re-greened include the Uganda Clays Playground – Kajjansi, MUBS – Nakawa playground, Wampewo – Gayaza road, Kiryandongo Booma, King George Stadium – Tororo, Gadafi Play ground in Jinja among others.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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