Kiggundu Playground has been regreened

The sports inactiveness because of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Uganda could be reflected as a complete blessing in disguise when it comes to planning behind the scenes more so, preparing the sports facilities.

Since March 17th 2020 thus far, this has been a dark period for sporting activities across the country with virtually no events held because of the lockdown as a mitigation tool to tame the dangerous Coronavirus.

Perhaps, the period has opened the eye lids of many to renovate their respective playing facilities with leveling, internal perimeter and external fencing, grading, re-greening, improvement of stands, dressing rooms as well as giving a face-lift to the sanitary facilities.

The Entebbe Kiggungu playground is one of the beneficiaries that envisaged an opportunity from the lockdown.

Kiggungu play ground is located just behind the Entebbe International Airport

Located behind the Entebbe International Airport, this facility had the barren patches planted grass and other unlevelled parts levelled accordingly.

The project was undertaken by enthusiastic youth in Kiggungu ward, Entebbe Municipality Division B led by coach Yosiah “Dede” Kidedde, Azteks Soccer Academy football players Moses Ayazika, Francis Ayazika, Sam Kateregga (captain of Mapeera Football Club) and other well-wishers.

With grass planted on this community sports facility that also doubles as a public venue for political rallies, there is hope that the prevailing rains will help bring life to the playground to ensure an all green beautiful surface.

There were also a couple of pine trees planted around this recreational facility.

A couple of pine trees were also planted around the Kiggungu Play ground
The re-greened Kiggungu playground in Entebbe Division B

In Entebbe Municipality alone, several sports facilities have undergone the worthwhile re-greening and complete overhaul.

Play grounds at Kiwafu, Bugonga, Nakiwogo Banga, Entebbe Works, Katabi Busambaga (Entebbe Mongers Rugby club home ground), Entebbe Police and Katabi Gombolola have all undertaken serious re-greening sprees.

Elsewhere, there has been re-greening of the Tanda play-ground, Nkumba University in Katabi Town Council, Uganda Clays Play-ground, Kajjansi Church of Uganda play ground in Kajjansi Town Council, MUBS Nakawa, Kira playground (Kira Town Council), Wampewo play-ground (Kira Town Council), Kiryadongo Boma, King George Stadium (Tororo), Nyamityobora play ground (Mbarara), Busia playground, St Mary’s Bar (Packwach) play-ground and many others.

The concern of having standard play grounds in the country remains priority given the fact that there are few recommended sports amenities.

It will take close to three months for the regreened Kiggungu play ground to be operational again

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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