Andrew Ssekibejja lifts the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Amateur Open trophy


Social media avenues as websites like, You-Tube channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik-Tok were also buzzing with the latest developments from the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa.

2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Open Championship:

All Winners

Main Open:

  • Andrew Ssekibejja – 71, 76, 75, 73 (300)

Seniors Open

  • Men: John Muchiri – 74, 83 (157)
  • Ladies: Edrae Kagombe – 93, 98 (191)

Ladies Open

  • Martha Babirye – 75, 80, 78 (233)


  • Robson Chinhoi – 69, 70, 66, 72 (277)

The month of October 2022 was entirely dedicated to the biggest golf event in Uganda; the Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open championship at the par-72 Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa course.

Right from the juniors, the open also had the ladies, seniors (above 55 years), the main open (amateur men) as well professionals.

Andrew Ssekibejja follows the flight of the ball after teeing off

Andrew Ssekibejja, an artisan golfer at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa won the main amateurs open, dethroning the 2021 champion, Joseph Cwinya-ai.

Martha Babirye made it a hat-trick of wins after 2019 and 2020 victories, John Muchiri triumphed in the seniors’ event, a back-to-back victory after the 2021 heroics at Entebbe Club.

Martha Babirye with her trophy Credit: John Batanudde
Edrae Kagombe (left) with John Muchiri showing off their trophies won at the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open seniors [Credit: Don Mugabi]

Zimbabwe professional golfer of Royal Harare Golf Club took the professional category, his second after 2020 victory at Uganda Golf Club in Kampala city.

Kawowo Sports’ David Isabirye elucidates the key highlights and talking points from the 2022 edition, carrying aloft a legacy of the open that has been played since 1932.

Robson Chinhoi drives off the Tee-box during the final round of action at the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Pro Open | Credit: Don Mugabi Credit: Don Mugabi

Champions’ winning mentality:

Famous basketball legend Michael Jordan is famously quoted; “Champions don’t become champions when they win an event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it”.

Jordan’s quote came to reality at the end of every event of the Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open Championship 2022.

Right from the Juniors event, there was that sheer desire to win, the commitment to make ends meet, and that passion to soldier on when the circuit seemed incomplete.

Andrew Ssekibejja smiles after a successful putt | Credit: John Batanudde Credit: John Batanudde

All the winners proved and showed that they possess the firepower and mantle to succeed against all the odds.

The main open champion Andrew Ssekibejja, an artisan at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa led throughout the four rounds with 1-under 71 on the opening day, 4-over 76 on day two, 3-over 75 during round three and 1-over 73 on the final bend for a total of 300 gross in 4 grueling rounds, five strokes off a spirited Michael Tumusiime.

John Muchiri negotiates from the sand bunker

The same could be said of the seniors’ winners; John Muchiri 74, 83 (157) for the men, and Edrae Kagombe 93, 98 (191) the ladies’ victor in the 55 years and above cluster.

Martha Babirye also led throughout the three rounds with 3-over 75 during the first round, 8-over 80 on day two, and 6-over 78 for a total of 233 gross in 54 holes.

L-R: Peace Kabasweka, Martha Babirye and Evah Magala in the pressure group on day two at the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Ladies Open in Kigo (Credit: John Batanudde)

The professionals’ winner Robson Chinhoi was not different from the other champions in this open.

The Zimbabwe pro golfer scored 3-under 69 for round one, 2-under 70 on day two, 6-under 66 (best score overall in the tournament) during the third round, and level par 72 on the last day to win with a combined 277 gross in 4 round (72 holes).

The common element amongst all the champions was one; consistency amid growing pressure and expectations.

Robson Chinhoi of Royal Harare Golf Club, Zimbabwe chips the ball to the green during the second round of the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Pro Open at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa | Credit: Kawowo Sports

Just like Agunloye Oyerinde’s quotation “Champions are made by their passion and persistence”, indeed the passion and persistence of the aforementioned cluster of winners drove and made these winners who are now inked in the enviable rich history archives of the Uganda Golf Open.

Promising attendance:

Despite the absence of the foreign legion in the ladies’ and main open, the open had a reasonable attendance, nonetheless.

Some of the excited fans who gallantly supported Andrew Ssekibejja from start to finish | Credit: Don Mugabi

The numbers were impressive in every subsidiary section of the ladies, seniors, main open and professionals.

The ladies’ number was less than 30. This improved in the seniors’ category to about 50, doubled for the main open and professionals.

The presence of the Kenya Stroke-play Amateur Championship at the same time kept many of the Kenyan players away from the main open, including one of Uganda’s top amateurs, Michael Alunga.

The numbers improved in the professionals’ cluster with 100 plus pros registering to play for the total kitty of Shs 100,000,000.

Their open drew entries from Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Serbia, Korea, and the United States of America.

Part of the gallery on the course during the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open series at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa Credit: Don Mugabi

Supportive Gallery:

Throughout the different series (ladies, seniors, main open, and professionals), the gallery did not disappoint.

Golf fans on the courses in Uganda are not so big a number during championships, but for the Uganda Open, the case was purely different.

The fans would applaud every shot executed off the Tee and chip on the fairways and ordinarily the bunker.

Andrew Ssekibejja chips from the bunker as the crowd cheers on | Credit: Don Mugabi

In the same measure, they would groan a miscalculated shot off the fairway and the near-miss on the putt.

From as early as the opening round to the pressure group category, signs were eminent the crowds would push the players to drive, chip, and putt an extra mile.

Fine, there is a lot that the gallery ought to be sensitized about the etiquette and respect of the game, but the overwhelming support accorded was appreciated.

The gallery that lit up the climax of the ladies’ main pressure group that had Peace Kabasweka, Meron Kyomugisha, and Martha Babirye will leave to be remembered.

The same can be recollected of the seniors’ John Muchiri, John Katto, and pressure group.

The main open pressure group had eventual winner Andrew Ssekibejja, defending champion Joseph Cwinya-ai, Godfrey Nsubuga, and Michael Tumusiime. The trio felt the real meaning of the word “pressure” from the fans’ pressure, advice, and reactions.

Tusker Malt branded on all the 18 Tee-boxes of the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa

Sponsorship impact and visibility

Sponsors and partners make great championships in every sport. For golf, too, the scene is no different.

The numerous sponsors and partners associated with the Uganda Golf Union (UGU) to organize a successful Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open championship ought to be applauded to the brim.

From the main sponsor Uganda Breweries Limited under the Tusker Malt brand, the others were Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa, HK Properties, Crown Beverages Limited (under the Pepsi brand), HTC Hub, and others.

absa Bank Managing Director Mumba Kalifungwa gestures whilst on the course during the 2022 PRO-AM

Basabose’s Hole-In-One Shot:

Throughout the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Open Golf series, there was one hole-in-one shot recorded by John Paul Basabose, scored on the par-3 hole 15 during the opening round of the main amateurs’ open.

This was as eye-catching as the newly launched Uganda’s Satelite rising up the skies.

John Paul Basabose picks the ball from the pin after the hole in one shot | Credit: John Batanudde Credit: John Batanudde

Basabose achieved this unique feat using a Taylor made ball over 151 yards with a ping (S60) wedge to sink into the pin.

It was witnessed by Joseph Cwinya-ai and Frank Mugisa. Of course, Basabose took the prize for the Hole-in-One shot staked by his “own” Motorola HTC Hub.

John Paul Basabose celebrates the Hole-in-one on par 3 hole 15 during round 1 of the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Amateurs Golf Open at the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa | Credit: John Batanudde

Media Hype:

The 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open series deservedly received the media hype, as expected.

Being the most prestigious golf championship on the land held since 1932, the series indeed deserved every shoutout in the traditional and new media platforms.

Virtually, every newspaper daily, radio, and television station chorused aloud the open series.

The new media amplified the message with live scoring links, keeping golf addicts abreast of the ongoing developments.

Websites like Kawowo, YouTube channels, and Social medial platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok were also buzzing with the latest developments from the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa.

A golf kit

Video and still images of golfers in action were awash the internet throughout the duration of the open.

The live coverage by NBS Sport added colour and pomp to the entire event coupled with the live scoring of results.

Family relationships extended on the course:

The 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open series was not all about individuals who played single-handedly.

Father-Son relationship: Bert Seale is caddie to pro golfer Joshua Seale at the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Pro Open. He played +7 (79) during day one | Credit: Don Mugabi

But, it also involved close family affairs with brothers, sisters, as well as father-to-son affairs.

Left-hander Gloria Mbaguta took part in the ladies’ open, caddied by her sister Sheila Kensiime.

57-year-old Bert Seale was caddied for his son Joshua Seale during the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Pro Open.

Kenya pro Greg Snow with his caddie
A caddie wets a duster

Caddies special service:

The value of caddies during a golf championship can never be underestimated.

Caddies play a great role in the sport of golf. Their service to the golfers during the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open series left a lasting mark, as always.

Lake Victoria Seena Golf Resort and Spa female caddie Faith Nakitandwe | Credit: Kawowo Sports
Andrew Ssekibejja with his caddie Emmanuel Ssebatta during the final round of the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Amateur Golf Open championship at Serena, Kigo | Credit: Don Mugabi

Besides taking care of the golfers’ kit, the caddies also helped a great deal to read the line on the greens before putting, advise on his club to use, tell the direction of the wind, and any other service called off.

Many of the caddies used for the tournament were affiliated to the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa.

Female professional golfer Flavia Namakula reads the line with her caddie.| Credit: Don Mugabi
Oldest senior golfer George Magombe with Meron Kyomugishawho was his caddie

Challenging fairways, greens & winds:

For many first-timers and even returning golfers on the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa course, the facility continues to pose challenges.

The numerous water hazards and sand bunkers decimated around this course still juggled the golfers.

Part of the water zones on the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa course | Credit: Don Mugabi

Lake Victoria swallowed more than 300 balls from the golfers in the entire duration of the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open series.

To many golfers, the greens were super-fast and needed a week more of practice to get acquitted to.

Also, the speed of wind on the course from Lake Victoria was troublesome to all the golfers, especially those who play very high balls.

Course officials’ collective service:

To organize a great championship as the Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open series, several pieces have to be put together.

Right from the top management led by the president of the Uganda Golf Union (UGU) Moses Matisko to the groundsman and diver who drills the ball from the lake, all mattered.

Uganda Golf Union President Moses Matisko Baryamujura
A course marshal on duty during the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Open championship

Therefore, there was an absolute element of unity (togetherness) exhibited in a typical teamwork spirit.

Delegation of powers was also exemplified owing to the speed and accuracy of tasks at hand.

The tournament director Jackson Were directly coordinated with the director of Golf at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa, Theodore Van Rooyen.

Were also cooperated with the other course officials; starters, marshals, recorders, ball spotters, and the support staff on the course maintenance team working in the different departments such as practice green, driving range, fairways, and greens.

The secretariat headed by Paul Kaheru also did a magical job of liaising with the various stakeholders; golfers, the caddy master and his team, media, sponsors, and any other person of relevance in this line of duty.

Golfers earn tickets to the 2023 Magical Kenya Open:

During the PRO-AM sponsored by abas bank, 10 golfers (5 amateurs and 5 professionals) were granted opportunities to be sponsored for the 2023 Magical Kenya Open.

The 10 golfers who made the grade to be sponsored are professionals; Joshua Seale, Silver Opio, Robson Chinhoi, Simon Ngige, and Celestine Nsanzuwera.

The successful amateurs are Andrew Arinaitwe, Harry Hakiza, Allan Mugisha, Raymond Ekwamu, and Edrine Wasike.

Birds on the course at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa course

Eco-friendly Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa Course:

The Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa course is arguably the most beautiful and eye-catching golfing facility not only in Uganda but also in East Africa and the entire African continent.

With well-maintained exotic grass across the fairways and greens, the course was always in pristine conditions that gave the golfers no excuse to play their best golf.

The scenic beauty of Africa’s largest freshwater body, Lake Victoria, throughout all 18 holes and some of the Island greens definitely accorded the golfers that natural ballistic experience.

Golfers enjoyed the cool breeze from Lake Victoria through the series of the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf open

The cool fresh breeze from Lake Victoria under sunny conditions was much appreciated by the golfers and spectators.

The golfers also played as they listened to the chanting praises from the birds of all species at the facility.

A unique bird watched all the rounds of the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open championship at the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa

Nakalembe makes history:

Uganda’s female professional golfer Irene Nakalembe made history by becoming the first lady ever to make the treasured cut at the Tusker Malt Uganda Pro open championship.

Nakalembe, a member of Entebbe club and the winner of the ladies open in 2021 on the home course turned professional at the start of 2022.

Irene Nakalembe in action during the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Pro Open championship at Serena Kigo. She made the cut | Credit: Don Mugabi

Her diligence in preparations beautifully paid off as she was among the successful 30-plus golfers who made the cut (+8) after 36 holes of action.

After registering 8-over par during the opening round, Nakalembe staged a decent display to play a course-level score (72 gross) on day two and make the treasured cut.

Robson Chinhoi dives into Lake Victoria moments after winning the 2022 Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Pro Open at Serena, Kigo | Credit: Don Mugabi Credit: Don Mugabi

Pro winner Chinhoi’s wonder dive into Lake Victoria and splendid swimming:

Upon his winning putt, professional open winner Robson Chinhoi surprised everyone when he dived into the Lake Victoria Marina water at Serena.

He then swarm for a distance of about 20 metres as the crowd applauded aloud.

Robson Chinhoi celebrates after swimming | Credit: Don Mugabi Credit: Don Mugabi

When he emerged from the water, he celebrated with the crowd, raising both his hands in the air. This was a masterpiece.

“I thought I had to do it (dive and swim). This win was special,” he told the media as he received the two trophies (one for the Tusker Malt Uganda Pro open and another for the Safari Tour opening leg).

Fire-wax & Epic climax:

At night during the climaxing dinner, there was a magnificent display of fireworks in the skies above the course.

For close to 10 minutes, beautiful fireworks of varying fashions were released as the crowd celebrated and shouted aloud.

This was a perfect sign out of the championship that had taken more than three weeks.

Golfers and other invited guests including the chairperson of the National Council of Sports (NCS) Ambrose Tashobya loved every moment at the 19th hole.

Delicious food was served, and drinks fronted by Tusker Malt Lager were served in plenty as the Janzi Band refreshed the souls of many till late night.

What a championship it was! Golfers, non-golfers, sponsors, and other partners cannot wait for the 2023 edition.

Robson Chinhoi poses with his Safari Tour trophy as well as that for the Tusker Malt Uganda Pro Open | Credit: Don Mugabi Credit: Don Mugabi

Cast of Winners since 1932:

Amateur Category:

  • 1932 – H.Davidson (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1933 – H.Davidson (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1934 – R.W Hooker (Muthaiga Golf Club)
  • 1935 – J.D Rankine (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1936 – J.D Rankine (Uganda Golf Clun)
  • 1937 –  H. Davidson (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1938 – R.W Bun (Mombasa Golf Club)
  • 1939 – J.E Higginson
  • 1940 – 1947 – NOT HELD
  • 1948 – D. F Stewart (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1949 – A.Q Roberts (Kitale Golf Club)
  • 1950 – N.C Elwell (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1951 – N.C Elwell (Mwanza Golf Club)
  • 1952 – J.R Cooke (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1953 – R.W Hooper (Nairobi Golf Club)
  • 1954 – M.Johnson (Kabalae Golf Club)
  • 1955 – J.R Oglive (Kitale Golf Club)
  • 1956 – J.R Oglive (Kitale Golf Club)
  • 1957 – Ian McAdam (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1958 – Brian Malone (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1959 – Ian McAdam (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1960 – Mike Johnson (Mbale Golf Club)
  • 1961 – Mike Johnson (Mbale Golf Club)
  • 1962 – Mike Johnson (Mbale Golf Club)
  • 1963 – John Higginson (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1964 –  John Higginson (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1965 –  Muhammed Rajab (Nairobi Golf Club)
  • 1966 – John Higginson (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1967 – I.Pattinson (Dar es Salaam Golf Club)
  • 1968 – G.Burrows (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1969 –  M.Rajab(Nairobi Golf Club)
  • 1970 – M.Couma (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1971 – J. Kahugu (Sigona Golf Club)
  • 1972 – Ben Okello (Masaka Golf Club)
  • 1973 – Tom Taban (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1974 – Alex Okodan (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1975 –  Ramathan Kayamba (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1976 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1977 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1978 – Sadi Onito  (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1979 – 1980 – NOT HELD
  • 1981 – Juma Jaffer (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1982 – Juma Jaffer (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1983 – Sadi Onito (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1984 – John Mucheru (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1985 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1986 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1987 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1988 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1989 – Allan Njoroge (Muthaiga Golf Club)
  • 1990– Dedan Kagonyera (Kabale Golf Club)
  • 1991 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1992 – Juma Jaffer (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1993 – John Gavin (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1994 –  Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1995 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1996 – Sadi Onito (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 1997 – Steven Birungi (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1998 – Steven Birungi (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 1999 – Steven Birungi (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 2000 – Deo Akope (Entebbe Golf Club)
  • 2001 – Deo Akope (Entebbe Golf Club)
  • 2002 – Deo Akope (Entebbe Golf Club)
  • 2003 – Charles Yokwe (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 2004 – David Odhiambo (Nyanza Golf Club)
  • 2005 – Charles Yokwe (Jinja Golf Club)
  • 2006 – Amos Kamya (Entebbe Golf Club)
  • 2007 – Nicholas Rokoine (Muthaiga Golf Club)
  • 2008 – George Olayo (Entebbe Golf Club)
  • 2009 – Peter Ssendaula (Entebbe Golf Club)
  • 2010 – Brian Mwesigwa (Kabale Golf Club)
  • 2011 –Rogers Byaruhanga (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 2012 – Phillip Kasozi (Uganda Golf Club)
  • 2013 – Peter Ssendaula (Entebbe Golf Club)
  • 2014 – Willy Deus Kitata (Entebbe Golf Club)
  • 2015 – Ronald Otile (Tooro Golf Club)
  • 2016 – Ronald Otile (Tooro Golf Club)
  • 2017 – Ronald Rugumayo (Tooro Golf Club)
  • 2018 –  Ronald Otile (Tooro Golf Club)
  • 2019 – Daniel Nduva (Nyali Golf and Country Club)
  • 2020 – John Lejirma (Kenya Railway Golf Club)
  • 2021 – Joseph Cwinya-ai (Tooro Golf Club)
  • 2022 – Andrew Ssekibejja (Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa Club)


  • 2006 – Deo Akope (Uganda)
  • 2007 – Dismas Ndiza (Kenya)
  • 2008 – Dismas Ndiza (Kenya)
  • 2009 – Richard Ainley (Kenya)
  • 2010 – Dismus Ndiza (Kenya)
  • 2011 – Dismus Ndiza (Kenya)
  • 2012 – Dismus Ndiza (Kenya)
  • 2013 – Vicent Byamukama (Uganda)
  • 2014 – Deo Akope (Uganda)
  • 2015 – Madalisto Muthiya (Zambia)
  • 2016 – Joshua Seale (South Africa)
  • 2017 – Stephen Ferriera (Portugal)
  • 2018 – Dismas Indiza (Kenya)
  • 2019 – Madalisto Muthiya (Zambia)
  • 2020 – Robson Chinhoi (Zimbabwe)
  • 2021– Jastas Madoya (Kenya)
  • 2022 – Robson Chinoi (Zimbabwe)


  • 2022: Martha Babirye (Uganda)
  • 2021: Irene Nakalembe (Uganda)
  • 2020: Martha Babirye (Uganda)
  • 2019: Martha Babirye (Uganda)
  • 2018: Neema Olomi (Tanzania)
  • 2017: Angel Eaton (Tanzania)
  • 2016: Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2015:  Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2014: Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2013: Angel Eaton (Tanzania)
  • 2012: Angel Eaton (Tanzania)
  • 2011: Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2010: Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2009: Jasper Kamukama (Uganda)
  • 2008: Melissa Nawa (Zambia)
  • 2007: Mary Karano (Kenya)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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